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Option For Recording Constant Framerate

An option to record videos at a constant framerate. E.g. the framerate is locked to 60fps throughout the entire video, despite the framerate fluctuating in game.

The best and most powerful editors, such as premiere pro, do not work with videos that have variable framerates, and end up having audio sync and audio drifting problems. Variable framerates won't be supported anytime soon it seems. Recording a video under a variable framerate is largely viewed by the video editing community as "shoddy" or "unprofessional." If you mention, for example, that the latest iPhone records in only variable framerates, and thus isn't supported, that will be met with "Well, they should be recording with a professional camera, not a phone..."

A workaround for this problem is to conform the video to a constant framerate before editing. By making a brand new video from the recording, using a transcoding app, such as handbrake. But, unfortunately, this extra process adds more time to editing, and can take up to an hour or more depending on how large the recorded footage is.

Last I heard, shadowplay has, in beta, the option to record under constant framerates. It could become a situation where people end up purchasing Nvidia over AMD, if shadowplay releases an option for a constant framerate, while raptr, doesn't. Not having to conform your recording, and speeding up the process by just importing it straight into the editor, would be a consideration for those that record videos.

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I'm all for this feature too. Even when the game runs at over 60 FPS (V-Sync is disabled), the recorded videos still have framerates lower than 60 FPS (usually between 45 and 50 FPS).
I +1 this. If it were able to do consistent 60fps, the videos would look much smoother.


 In fact, Raptr used to record videos at a constant frame rate but through an update them changed that, The next image is a video information captured last year with Raptr:

 Probably for more performance? It should be up to editors to support videos with variable frame rates, in all honesty. But it seem to me, that editors supporting such files is never going to be something that's on the table.

We need constant framerate options. It adds hours of unnecessary processing time transcoding when it could easily be saved if the framerate was constant.

It would be really nice to have the option of recording at a constant rate, fluency is amazing when you get 60 constant frames, besides some transcoders do not work with variable frame rates.

If this doesn't update in 2 months I'm actually going to switch to Nvidia because my AMD card is getting old

@ryo0ka - If you feel like your card is getting old, I'd recommend upgrading regardless of manufacturer :-)

If you guys are really interested in getting Constant Framerate, I'd make a Feature Request ticket about it. They're easier to sort, filter out and hand to our team, rather than saying "X amount of people want Y feature". Let me know if you need assistance with that.

I've been fighting this fight for about a year now and periodically check to see if they have changed the way GVR works. Hopefully things change when the 480 comes out; however, if they do not then I as well will probably grab a 1070 or 1080 as GPU recording has less hassles than using a standalone software or hardware solution (Currently using 2 Elgato HD60 Pros).

@qwazyd0gg - Keep in mind that Shadowplay (if that was the route you were intending to go) uses the same encoder that we do. As a result, they also record in Variable Framerate. If you were looking for a program that can do Constant Framerate, you could look at OBS, FRAPS or Bandicam.

Verun no way Shadowplay record variable framerate. I play some games at 30fps and can record footage at 60fps with Shadowplay which keep a constant 60fps recording footage. OBS and Shadowplay use some tricky method which confuse MediaInfo and dont read corectly the real framerate mode they're using. I just checked some of my recently footage recorded with Shadowplay which my ingame FPS is at 15 but video footage is running solid 60fps.

@chummy - Were you using Desktop Recording or Hooking into the game directly?

@verun The footage which i told was in desktop mode but i just made a hook record and same thing, game running 40fps and footage playback has steady 60fps.

Ah okay. They may use the same encoding method (H.264) but probably a different method to grab frames then.