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Am i the only one getting these stupid fps drops in games?

It is impossible to play any game (cs:go, h1z1 in ultra) with this client open. it takes up so much memory just being opened in general and when i play a game

the amount of fps drop is unbelievable. I get around 250-300 on csgo. Then, i turn on raptr i get 120fps and it drops to 90fps making it stutter. 

if you guys want to compete with shadowplay then try to actually make your program work. and yes i am angry.

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@Connorjohn - I apologize that you feel angry as a result of this (and possibly by the delay in a response).

The amount that could possibly drop in FPS may be dependent on your PC, however, if the memory is rising we definitely want to look into this issue. If you want further assistance, let me know.

From what i have researched my CPU is utter poop and it 99.99% reason why it happens. my CPU is a amd 4300 quad core processor. it is not even on the market it is that bad. Im not sure if the CPU is the reason for the Memory part though since that is irrelevant to the CPU. Basically i can use raptr on h1z1 and that is all. nothing else. but when i close h1z1 the memory goes to 100% and then makes my computer paralyzed for 5 minutes. I was angry i am fine now haha sorry about that bit :/ 

No problem. Every person needs to vent sometimes. :-)