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i cant record rust and i cant log in my steam account

 I have two problems with the raptr client first, i can not record rust, as I can not add to cliente raptr/log in my steam account.

  **i too have l4d2 into steam and can record Normally

I can not add/log in my steam account to/in raptr >>

I can not record rust>>

but l4d2.. >>

ss of the my library>>

ss of the my steam library>>

*** the priority is to solve the problem of recording the rust

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We agree. Unfortunately, it appears that the most recent update for Rust is causing an interference with our recording. We've already been made aware of the issue and are looking for a work around. We appreciate the concern. 

(P.S. Steam chat is not working due to an API change. We're aware of the issue but I'm currently unsure of an ETA on working on the issue)