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No new rewards in over a year!

Im waiting now for like 16 months that raptor get "new" ingame rewards. Why does brazil get smite skin and smite gem rewards and EU sits on their points and cant do anything with it in almost 2 years.

If I think about the fact that raptr still has constellations where it crashes games, i dont see any point in using your program.

If u dont take care about making deals and getting stuff your usercount will drop near zero.

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I'm not sure what you mean about "constellations" and crashed games, but if there are specific issues you have with your use of the program, I suggest reaching out to us at and telling us the circumstances so that we can help.  Every user's computer is a little bit different and issues are bound to occur, though many are easily remedied.  We just want you to get the most out of the software, since rewards are intended as an added bonus, not as a lone incentive for use.

As far as Smite goes, different codes are given for different regions and the Brazilian region just has yet to run out.  We've run out of them for other regions and the offers have expired.  We do not currently have plans to offer Smite rewards again.  As for other rewards, you are not currently seeing all of the rewards we have to offer, as you are not an AMD user and do not use the AMD version of our client.  Some rewards (such as the games offered by AMD) require a user to have both an AMD video card installed in their PC, and also have AMD Gaming Evolved installed before you can see the appropriate rewards.