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black screen

I have a black sreen when I m recording , I only get the audio.

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i have this problem too help pls

I would recommend creating a ticket about this issue. Typically black screen has to do with dual-GPU laptops or PC's that are using APU's. 

I created a ticket for the same problem and see its been going around the Raptr community, since its inception. Any help/advice with Dual GPUs (Dell Laptop AMD & onboard Intel GPUs)? There aren't too many settings I can easily adjust on my end. Should the AMD or Intel run Plays recording?

~ Ticket #25802


Here is basically what is happening in a simple method:

When you start your laptop, it's using the Intel chipset to display video. That way it doesn't eat up battery life using a higher end card for just Windows. However, when dual GPU laptops enter into a game, they typically swap which card they use to the higher end one, so you get higher quality at the cost of battery life. 

The issue is that when Raptr starts before a game, it's looking for which GPU it can attach to. Since the higher end card is dormant, it ties itself to the Intel chipset. When you enter into the game with the higher end GPU, Raptr is still tied to the Intel chipset. Thus, you do not get any video, but you are still getting audio (since those are coming from the same source). 

@Xalz - I'll reply to your ticket. Thanks for making that!