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3 buttons for "global" optimisations instead of 1?

There's a button at the bottom of the games list to optimise all games for Quality. Personally I prefer not to run my games with a Quality bias, but rather than have to go into every game and optimise for one of the other 2 options it would be really helpful to also have buttons to optimise all games for Performance or Balanced (as well as Quality). Surely this would be something relatively simple to implement, and would be a usability improvement for those that prefer to use Performance or Balanced settings?

Also, maybe different colour tick icons next to each game to identify what they're set for (Performance, Balanced or Quality) would make it nice and quick to see what's what on the games list (rather than having to mouse over them).


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Couldn agree more, i love the program so far but those two suggestions are the things i think would really help :)