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How does the temporary game video storage work?

I want to know about this due to how I have my setup.

I have 3 drives, the 2 that I'm talking about are my ~100GB SSD and my ~500GB normal HDD.

I have my Raptr set to record up to 300GB of video at any point in time, because that's just the most that I will ever need, and even that's pushing it. But I want to know how the temporary storage system works.

I assume if I used my SSD for the temporary then it would write the video faster, but obviously, there simply would not be enough space on my drive for it. So here's my question:

Does it store the entire video in the temporary folder, and then when you exit the game, move it over to the designated folder? Or does it write the initial video to the temp folder and then move bits to the designated folder as time goes on?

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Hi JarheadHME,

  Yes, your first guess is correct. The video gets 'built' in the temporary folder, and moved when you exit the game. 

Sorry that this was not responded to for a month; I'm assuming that you have had some time and testing under your belt to get a good result in speed for your recordings.

Well I had another problem with it. It would record up to maybe 10 minutes at a time before it just flat out would not produce a video file. After I had made this post I had pretty much just changed the temp folder to my larger drive, but this started occurring. I assume I should be a new thread for this problem?