Game Detection Release for 11/13/15

Hey guys, we got more games going out! 

New Steam Detections: 

Fallout 4

Endless Sky 

Krosmaster Arena 

Written in the Sky 

Turbo Pug 

Louie Cooks 

Stardust Galaxy Warriors 

Piercing Blow 

The Purring Quest 

Lineage II 

Heroes and Titans: Online 

tricone lab 

Steel Ocean 

Football Manager 2016 

Genesis Online

Chime Sharp


New Humble Detections: 

Magnetic By Nature (unzip to Magnetic By Nature folder on desktop)

RADical ROACH Deluxe Edition

Shovel Knight

Signs of Life (Early Access Game) (unzip to Signs of Life folder on desktop) 

6180 the moon (unzip to 6180 the moon folder on desktop)

Democracy 3

Eador: Genesis (unzip to desktop) 

Electronic Super Joy: Groove City (unzip to desktop and rename GrooveCity)

Fancy Skulls (Early Access) (unzip to desktop)


New F2P Detections: 

Krosmaster Arena - 

Devilian -

Game on!!!

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