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The application you are trying to updrade is running. Close it and try again.

I just updated my windows 10 yesterday and this is been a problem to me. I had deleted and re downloaded raptr but when i click the setup file, The same message pop up again.

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I am having the same problem except I had windows 10 now for quite a while but everything I try to update to the new version of this.  This keeps coming up: THE APPLICATION YOU ARE TRYING TO UPDRADE IS RUNNING. CLOSE IT AND TRY AGAIN. what can I do and how can I fix it or is AMD going to fix it themselves.

Same problem here...

 Having the same issue. Even posted another thread here.

Same here. Win 10 App is saying there is an update at startup. After I choose install I wil get notified that the app allready running.

If I kill it at the taskmanager its the same sh***.

Hi everyone, we're still investigating the issue behind the client running when it shouldn't. We haven't found a lot of people who have found solutions, so it's very odd. 

If you haven't made a ticket for it, we would highly recommend it (You can post the 5-digit ticket number here as well).

Creating a ticket helps us to keep certain issues organized and easier for tracking. 


@MateusSwaizer - Still looking into it. 

I'm still facing the issue in win10 pro.. Isn't fixed yet????

@nandhakumar - What have you tried so far to fix it? It definitely seems to affect only specific users.