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my pc shuts down while playing with raptr on.

I started using raptr cause it boosts my FPS in Fallout 4 but there's a problem. After about 15mins playing my PC shuts down. Screen is becoming black and then it just shuts down, like after pressing power button. It happens only in Fallout, and no my PC is not overheating.

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My pc does almost exactly this, most times I can play for two to three hours without a problem; my graphics driver will then randomly crash and then suddenly recover. I am currently running the R9380 with the latest beta driver (it is not the driver as I was previously using the latest normal driver).

Again this is the only game it does this on.

Hi there, it appears that you had not created a ticket about this issue so I wanted to see if your issue had been resolved or not. 

This sounds like it could be a driver issue problem, but we'd be more than willing to look into it. Let us know when you can!