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Gameplay smooth - video laggy.

The problem is about Raptr and but I deleted so let's say Raptr.

My problem is that when I record, I have 60 FPS, my game runs smoothly and there is no problem to record.

BUT, when I stop, I go to the video I recorded and the video is very very laggy.

I searched how to fix it and found this article-

as you can see in this article, it says that my CPU or GPU usage is high but when I checked if it's true, I saw 13% of usage (CPU) plus I have 16 GB RAM.

The second "solution" says that if the quality is being affcted I need to lower my resolution but my qualty isn't being affected at all and the same thing happends in 480P 15 FPS and 5 bitrate.

My specs are:

I5 4590


AMD Radeon r9 390 8 GB

I know my computer is good enough to record, but it doesn't work.

I'll very appreciate it if anyone will try to solve my problem or atleast answer my support ticket.


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