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Malwarebytes found malware in Raptr?

I'm guessing this is a false alarm but I'd like to ask.

Malwarebytes anti-malware detected a file in Raptr as a Trojan:


Type: File

C:\Program Fliles (x86)\Raptr\Itc_fpsi64-64307.dll 

My Raptr is genuine, ether Raptr came with my laptop, a AMD driver update or from the official website.

Anyone know what is going on?

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We're trying to get in contact with MalwareBytes regarding it. It's more than likely a false positive that typically happens when we have new updates. We apologize for the small scare.

No problem, I thought it was a false positive when I first saw it because I've had Raptr installed for quite a while and Malwarebytes hasn't flagged it, and Raptr updated just before it called it malware.

Yep! Sounds about right. We appreciate you letting us know though!