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Seriously, no new rewards in over a year and AMD is making money off of us using the app? I got up to 30k points and i have nothing to spend it on except 1 game and this bs sweepstakes. I was going to purchase the graphics card but it disappeared. If no new rewards come up any time soon im going to delete this app and tell my friends to do the same since no one is getting anything from it and its using OUR info and valuable resources. 

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Yes, Need New and More rewards?.We get updates but rewards stay the same, Im at 18k plus,not much,I log on every day to check rewards(5points),In the begining there were lots ,now little? I dont want to enter sweepstakes or buy guides ,Want to buy Games or Hardware,Food Gift Cards?,What Happen to the stuff dragon?I hate to see this App get Abandond buy support team and And Player community etc. Please give us new rewards, Its bin two long.(Just my opinion, TY for your Support.( New Rewards PLEASE) 

If you're not getting anything out of the program and your resources are being used, then feel free to uninstall Raptr.  This will not deactivate your Raptr account and you will not lose your points while waiting for a reward that you like to be made available on the Raptr store.  However, Raptr is a program intended for optimization of your PC gaming experience, not for simply offering rewards, so if you're having difficulty using Raptr for what it's intended for, please send an e-mail to explaining the trouble you're having with actually using the software.  We do have plans to update the store in the near future, but in the meantime, I hope that Raptr is actually optimizing your gaming experience.  If it isn't, we'd like to know about it so that we can help you get the most out of Raptr.  Have a great day.