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No New Rewards - Nothing New

I downloaded this app when they were giving away Rift and the expansion for Raptr points a few years back. I got it and was really excited, and that's what initially got me hooked onto Raptr. The rewards back then were pretty cool, and there were a lot of them as well. Once you guys changed to this AMD Evolved shit the rewards have slowly but surely been disappearing. I already have a feeling what your moderators are about to say, "You need the AMD Gaming Evolved App Installed and an AMD graphics card to get rewards!" Well guess the fuck what, I have both and I'm seeing just as much as everyone else. A year ago I had made a ticket about the whole rewards thing not showing up for me thinking I must have done something wrong, but truth be told I followed the instructions and sure enough I got one additional reward which was DmC for 30,000 RP. Your staffers are funny, reading all these reports about there not being any rewards is hilarious, because someone like me who has all the things you guys claim these users don't have are seeing about just as much as me. Anyone reading this who is using this app, there are no new rewards, there'll never be any new rewards that will interest anyone in this community. If the community isn't already dead now hopefully you will read this and realize you're wasting your time and selling your personal information for nothing. I'm officially uninstalling this app and never using it again.

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They never said there will be new rewards, everyone has the same ones like you do mate. But i agree, theyre not putting up better rewards= people deleting the app.

Well they said some time ago there will be new rewards available, but looks like it's not their priority at the moment since nothing new came out.  And i don't understand what sort of personal information am i selling for nothing by using the app, this is not facebook.


Hi there,

We do have plans to update the rewards store in the near future.  You're not selling your personal information in any way by using Raptr, to be clear.  If you do not want to have the program installed, uninstalling will not affect your Raptr account or number of points.  Regarding Cricem's claims, there are plenty of users interested in the rewards we currently have available and I'm not sure where the prediction that no rewards are coming that would be of interest to anyone, but I can assure the rest of you that this person does not have any inside information about Raptr or our plans for new rewards. 

In some cases, users do not see certain rewards because they do not have the AMD client installed, do not use an AMD card, or do not live in a region where certain rewards are available.  This is a totally different issue than simply not liking the rewards that we do have available to you.  Ultimately, rewards are intended as an added bonus to using Raptr's service.  It is not intended to be the main draw and offerings are subject to change over time.  If you're having difficulty with getting the most out of your Raptr program, shoot me an e-mail at and I'd be happy to help as best I can.  Alternatively, if there is any feedback, constructive criticism or clarification needed about rewards, please feel free to contact me and my team directly at

Thank you all for your patience and please ignore the misinformation some users tend to put out there in our communities.  Though it's their right to express opinions, please defer to Raptr officials for any definitive information, as those opinions are just that - opinions.  I appreciate it.  Again, we do have plans to update the store in the near future, so stay tuned and in the meantime, enjoy your gaming experience and enjoy using Raptr!  Cheers.