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Overwatch and ingame overlay bug

Hey guys, I'm having a problem after enabling in-game overlay with Overwatch. 

I had everything running smoothly, but while tweaking settings trying to familiarize myself with Raptr, I clicked the "In game overlay" box in the library tab and Overwatch settings. 

An error message popped up saying that it wasn't fully compatible yet, or something of the sort, and a hazard icon now appears next to the checkbox for "In game overlay".

I cannot now, however, disable the ingame overlay feature (meaning that hitting ctrl+tab will open the Dock/etc, and for some reason it's also forcing my mouse to look up continuously, making the game unplayable while raptr is running. The checkbox is clear, and if I click it a red check appears and disappears very quickly, but no matter what the overlay is always enabled ingame. 

I'm going to attempt an uninstall and clean install again to see if it fixes the problem, but figured I'd bring the bug to the developers' attention.

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@kfr - Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We'll take a look!