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Gta iv is lagging, adm won't optimize settings

Gta iv is lagging, adm won't optimize settings

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Hi Khuff,

  The GTA 4 game isn't a game that we optimize. We Optimize GTA V, though.  

The lagging that you are reporting: Is that in the game as you are playing it, or is it in the recorded videos when you are watching them?

Many of the users we see with the laggy videos issue are below our system requirements for hardware recording. Take a look at the requirements article to find out how your computer rates:

System requirements for Hardware recording.

You can sometimes get laggy or stuttering videos after recording when your system has a higher processing load than normal.  

The recording system for is put at a much lower priority than gameplay, so when memory gets scarce or things slow down, for whatever reason, the recording speed is sacrificed. So this is expected and might be temporary.

There are a few things you can do to minimize the lag or dropped frames in a recording:

-Lower your recording settings for

-Lower your gameplay settings.

-If applicable, run fewer applications at the same time.