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I can`t record a video

I want record a game. The game is "iracing".

When I used Win 8.1 all was on, but with win 10 is imposible record a video.


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i have the same problem but i installed a 7700k and r7 240 and the used two different places for video settings and now it won't work anymore i only adjusted the fps in settings and it won't record but i worry that you can only record if you use just the cpu's gpu's and not the dual config that is suggested for the better resolution but i got 40 frames per second in fallout with the combo at 1280x 768 in fallout 4. with the dual config but now i can't record anything. it also must be in a window and put a border on it and the used radeon session to reduce it to 30 fps so it would stay that way. hope it works cause i can't even record now. just tried it no combat yet good luck out their even getting to play the game will put on facebook if it works out.