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Elite Dangerous Horizons 64 bit, missing search option.

So the new horizons beta is here, and the new ED 1.5 64 bit has launched. I have tried both and Raptr does not record or anything, but it works as usual in the 32bit version.

So heres the problem, go to add a game and it asked to direct it to the edlanch.exe, fine i do this, then it asked to direct to elitedangerous32.exe, but i dont want this, i need the elitedangerous64.exe now, but it will not ask for it, or allow in anyway for you to add the 64bit version, can we please get this added soon in a fix. i cannot record any horizons game footage like i normally did before in the 32bit version.

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It appears that we have already answered your question on a ticket that you have created. Keep in mind that not having a detection does not cause the game to be unable to record (it just won't know what game it's recording). Let us know if you'd like us to look further into the issue in the ticket. I'll be locking this topic, thanks for letting us know though!