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Plays.TV records Battlefront at 30FPS while I've set it to 60FPS

Hey guys,


With the recent AMD gaming evolved update I'm finally able to record Battlefront again, thankfully. However, each time I record highlights and watch them back I'm surprised to see that all of the clips have been recorded to 30FPS even though my Plays.TV is set to record in 60FPS. I'm also playing the game at a framerate over 60FPS, without any stutters, so this issue shouldn't be with my videocard (R9 290) under-performing. All the highlights that I've recorded from other games are in 60FPS so it's a mystery to me as to why all my Battlefront clips are in 30FPS.


I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance!

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The detection had to be disabled for about a week to fix some crashing bugs. But it's on now, as you can see.

So yeah, this shouldn't be happening with your card, ailert. With the on-board VCE recording hardware, it should be getting a full batch of frames that is requested. 

The in-game framerate is preserved as a high priority, and the recording framerate is allowed to suffer. It happens when there is just too much going on in your system. 

There are a few things you can do to minimize the lag or dropped frames in a recording:

-Lower your recording settings for

-Lower your gameplay settings.

-If applicable, run fewer applications at the same time.

If this doesn't get a better recording framerate, can you give it a try with the stand-alone client? You mention but I think you're referring to the recorder in the Gaming Evolved client. The standalone client is updated much more frequently, and could be better for you.

I hope this helps!