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In-game Overlay causing black loading and Cinamatics in World of Warcraft

It doesn't occur in DX9, but with DX11, if in-game overlay is on, the loading screens and movies are black, though you can hear sound and see the ingame mouse cursor

haven't played on this comp in 2 weeks but I didn't have the issue then, but do now, so I suspect the update that went through

the non AMD version doesn't seem to have this issue as my desktop hasn't had the same problem

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So you see this issue with the AMD branded Raptr client (AMD Gaming Evolved), but not with the stand-alone Raptr client?


my laptop has the AMD Gaming Evolved version, and my desktop has the non amd version direct from the site

and only my laptop had the issue

plus on the wow forums, others have reported it as well

Thanks for letting us know. We may have a fix in place coming soon (possibly next week?)