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Driver: "radeon-crimson-15.11-win8.1-64bit" runs but not install, in a HD 7400

Hi !

     My Raptr poped about a new version of my drive, so I downloaded and executed it.

     It finishes successfully, but the Raptr icon still tell me that I have a new driver to be updated, exactly the 15.11

     Also, when I go to the video properties, I find this driver version "13.251.9001.1001"

     I already uninstalled all the drivers and reinstalled from a fresh "radeon-crimson-15.11-win8.1-64bit.exe" file.

     What is happening? Is there really a problem? If yes, how to fix it.

     Furthermore I intend to migrate to W10 soon

     For more details, please just ask me.


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Hi Nelolu,

I think that the client's driver messaging is correct, because on my system, the driver Crimson version is installed and my dxdiag is showing Driver Version: 15.300.1025.1001. 

  So I think you should keep trying, and perhaps the version will properly update for you.

OK, THX for the answer.

But I need a solution.

Trying to do the same will lead me only to the same reslt.

Anyone else?


Now for the 15.12 version.

Why the Raptr software doesn't recognize the new driver, even after the successfuly install of it?