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Will not record at 60 fps on an R9 390!

I am having a huge issue right now. Recently, I had to reformat Windows 10 because I was experience all sorts of bugs.

Now that I reformatted, everything is working as it should. Except for Raptr.

I used to be able to record fluid gameplay at 1080p60fps at around 25mbps bit rate using the client. Now, I record at the exact same settings on the exact same games, and the file i'm outputting is less than 60fps.

It makes no sense to me. I can be playing the game at over 100fps, recording, and when I save my highlight, it comes out at 32 fps or something like that. It's usually something randomly between 32-57 fps. But never 60.

I used to be able to output every single file to 60fps exactly, but not anymore. I even tried playing the games on the lowest possible settings, and it still fluctuates in the recordings. I never had these problems before.


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The problem is that they changed the way the app encodes the videos, I have several videos recorded last year at 60 fps constant frame rate mode (image 1), but now the app saves the videos with variable frame rate mode and drops to 25 fps in my case (image 2).

Why haven't they fixed this? I see no point of being able to choose 60FPS when this software can't even record 60FPS JESUS CHRIST!