The Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension is a browser plug-in for capturing highlights from Twitch streams.

Simply press the button, a hotkey, or type !plays into a Twitch chat to instantly capture the previous 30 seconds of any Twitch stream. Trim your clip to really focus on the action. Share it to, Reddit, Twitter, or wherever you want. All highlights are credited to the streamer so they'll thank you for sharing! No registration required. is the best way to follow your favorite streamers. Get incredible, user-driven highlights and recaps delivered to you in real-time from all the streamers you follow.

Here are some questions that you may have about the extension:

How do I get the Chrome Extension?

The Chrome Web Store (

Is there a extension for another browser, like Firefox?

No, right now, we only have an extension for the Google Chrome browser.

Can I use the Chrome extension on another streaming site other than twitch?

No, this extension only works for capturing streams on

Does the streamer need to be a member for it to work?

No, they don’t. The streamer can log in to with their Twitch ID to claim the page. Prior to that, the streamer name is listed at the top of the video.

How do I use the extension while watching a stream?

There are three ways to begin capturing:

  • In the chat window, type the “!plays” command.

  • Go up to the extension, click on it, and click the “Save Clip” button.

  • If you have a hotkey set up, invoke the hotkey to start the capture.

Is there a way to capture a clip longer than 30 seconds?

No. You can shorten the clip that you post to, but there is no way to capture a clip of longer duration (yet).

Does the extension work with older non-live videos previously posted on Twitch?

No, the extension only works on live broadcasts. You can tell when it will capture when the icon is blue, not grey.