Audio Out of Sync Issues: Using Handbrake to Resync Audio

NOTE: This does not apply to Mic Desync only Audio Desync.

Audio out of sync issues is a common issue. This issue used to be a lot worse but it can still occur. This is due to our variable frame rate encoding process.

We currently do not have a fix, but we do have a workaround by using a video converter.

Before starting the workaround, make sure Plays.TV is closed.

1.Download Handbrake. Handbrake is a free open source program used for converting videos.

2.Install and Open Handbrake

3.Click on source

Click on file

Direct to the location of your Plays.TV video folder and select the video that is having desync issues.

The default path for Plays.TV videos is


4. Click on browse on the destination bar and go to the same destination as your Plays.TV video folder. Again, the default folder for Plays.TV videos is C:\USERS\”USERNAME”\VIDEOS\PLAYSTV

The name can be anything, as it will not affect the Plays.TV client, but make sure the file type is .mp4 (i.e 2016 08 25 13 50 37-ses-1.mp4 or Test.mp4)


5. Afterwards, go through each tab, making sure each setting is correct. For Picture, change Anamorphic to none. Depending if you recorded in 720p or 1080p the Source file resolution will correspond to the file.


6.Skip Filters, and for Video be sure to set the codec to H.264 (x264) for AMD Processors and H.264 (Intel QSV) for Intel Processors. FPS should be the same as source. Quality depends on the bitrate setting of what you recorded 50 Megabits per second bitrate = 50000 kilobits per second bitrate, 25 Megabits per second = 25000 kilobits per second bitrate and so on. X264 Preset should be at Slow for AMD and Quality for Intel to make sure the recording will not be blurry.

For more information refer to the image below.

7. Audio. Be sure that the Codec is on AAC and the Mixdown is on Stereo.

If different, it could cause the video to not be recognized or to be unplayable in the Plays.TV client.

8. In Subtitles tab, be sure to delete any subtitles enabled.

9. Same applies to Chapters tab.

By default the “Create chapter markers” checkbox is marked. Unmark the checkbox, as it causes issues with Plays.TV as well.


9. Click on Start. It will start converting your video and depending on the length of the video and your hardware the converting time can be quick as five minutes or slow like an hour.

10. Open Plays.TV and there should be a new video in your Plays.TV client.

These steps should solve most desync issues. If you are still having desync issues, please open a support ticket so we can assist you further.