In some cases, you may encounter a problem where certain games in your Raptr library can't be optimized, indicated by the little yellow triangle with the exclamation point appearing next to their name in the library as well as the message on the home tab of the client stating that all of your games aren't optimized. When clicking "Optimize" on these games, you will then see the following message:

To get around this, try first quitting out of the Raptr program and then running it again as administrator. This should then allow Raptr to create the needed backup copies and proceed to optimize. Please try this if you encounter this issue and if the problem persists, let us know by opening up a support ticket or sending us an e-mail at Be sure to include your username and the name of the game or games you're encountering the problem with. Thank you.

To run the client as administrator, please take the following steps:

  • Exit fully out of the Raptr program by right-clicking on its icon in the notification tray and selecting "Exit".
  • Go to your Start Menu and find the Raptr client listed there.
  • Right-Click on the Icon for Raptr and choose "Run As Administrator".