With the release of 1.16.3 of Plays.tv, you now have the ability to connect your Overwatch account to your Plays.tv account! It's an easy process, but here's how to do it.

Start a game of Overwatch with the Plays.tv client running. Automatic Recording must be turned on. Once the game starts, you'll see a banner appear in the upper part of the Plays.tv client.


When you hit the 'Confirm this is me!' button, the connection is complete. If you look at your connected accounts in the Preferences of the client, you will see the connection there.


Playing multiple matches of Overwatch will show multiple matches in the session drawer after a game. The KD number is Kills/Deaths in the match.


Each Overwatch match you play will have post-game event data in the video. You'll see each event marked in the timeline:


You can see all the different types of pins that we provide if you look under the filters tab:


These pin types are:

  • Eliminations (When you kill another player)
  • Multikills (When you kill multiple players at a time)
  • Assists (When you're supporting another player (shields, healing, etc) and they get a kill while affected)
  • Deaths (When you die)
  • POTG (Play of the game) which will have the player's name in its tool-tip
  • Resurrections (Only present if you play as Mercy and you resurrect another player)

If you upload a clip, you will see a banner with all the metadata for Overwatch events in the web upload: