We recently released a Blog post regarding the status of Overwatch Pins with Plays.tv. I will provide a brief summary of it, but you may read the entirety of the post here: Plays.tv Blog Post

Back in November 2016, we released Overwatch Smart Highlights, which is our replay system that automatically records your Overwatch matches and tags key moments like eliminations, resurrections, and PotGs. In December 2016, Blizzard released a new update for Overwatch which changed the way in-game information was communicated. As a result, we lost the ability to identify key moments and in-game data (maps, heroes, ranks). We’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a workaround but we don’t have one yet and we don’t think we will anytime soon.

tl;dr – Overwatch Smart Highlights are no longer working on Plays.tv and to be honest, we’re really bummed about it.