We have heard of several cases of users being unable to open the Plays.tv client at all. This might happen after an update, but typically happens with a fresh install.

The symptoms we hear from users usually are:

  • Client never appears on the desktop
  • Trying to open it again states that it is already open
  • Attempting to click on the System Tray icon makes it disappear
  • It's running in Task Manager

So far, we have been unable to find a direct cause for why this is happening to some users. We recommend our usual potential fixes:

  • Run the Plays.tv client as Administrator
  • Check your Firewall / Antivirus to ensure it's not blocking
  • Disable Compatibility Mode (in the exe Properties) if it's enabled
  • Reinstall the Plays.tv client

If none of that works, we highly recommend letting us know by creating a Support Ticket so we can try to get more information, and possibly find the trend on why this is happening.