If one of the client's recording options is turned on, just start playing a game and based on your preferences, recording will start. To see what your current settings are, follow the steps below:

In the upper right corner of the main client window, hit the gear icon in order to get into the preferences. 

From there, you can enable or disable the Automatic or Manual Recording settings. 

If any controls in the General tab are greyed out, then refer to this article to find out why.

You may be wondering what the difference between Automatic and Manual is. Here is how they function:

"Automatic" and "Manual" recording cannot be on at the same time.  This is a change from previous versions.

"Automatic" recording begins recording automatically, and will stop when you exit the game. You will get a long recorded video of the whole session.

During Automatic Video recording you can use the 'Bookmark Moment' hotkey. This will create a bookmark in the video when your session is done. 

Bookmarks have a length setting; it is the duration of the time segment that is defined by the bookmark.

"Manual" recording won't save the entire video. Manual recording will save nothing unless a hotkey is used:

  • When you hit the Start/Stop Manual Record hotkey, it will begin saving a recording starting from the current time.
  • When you hit the the Capture Highlight hotkey, a short video of the last n number of seconds (based on your Highlight Length preference) will be saved. (there is a max duration of 10 minutes for Highlights)

The current hotkeys can be seen and changed if you go into the Hotkeys tab. Feel free to set these to be the hotkeys that you want.

(In the picture below, the defaults have been changed to custom choices).