When you install a new AMD driver, it can come with several other items which are included in the package (see example below). AMD Gaming Evolved would have been listed among those items next to a checkbox that would allow you to opt out of the installation. This is a fairly standard procedure, but we apologize if this was unclear enough and we hope that knowing about it now will help you customize your installations more to your preferences in the future.

AMD is a partner of Raptr's. They don't make our programs but include Gaming Evolved in their Crimson driver package as an offering for users to get driver updates, game optimization, and game time tracking. Plays.tv is a free solution for gamers that want to record and share their videos with others easily. We're sorry if the messaging was not clear when this was first installed and hope I've resolved any concerns. If you do not want Raptr or Plays installed, feel free to uninstall at any time as you normally would any program on your PC (example shown below). Otherwise, if these programs interest you, try them out and let us know what you think or if you have any questions or require troubleshooting. Have a great day.