When technical problems happen with Raptr, you can contact us in order to try to get help in solving the issue. Sometimes, the problem can be solved easily with just a message to us. But other times, the issue needs to be investigated in a more in-depth manner. That's where logs come in. Logs contain text files that may hold the root cause for solving the problem. 

To give us your logs, you should follow these steps:

We have an automated process for collecting logs for Raptr. It is the same process as for Plays.tv. It's easy and fast, and it creates a brand new support ticket. 

1. In the Windows notification tray, go to the Raptr icon and right-click on it.

2. Choose Help, then Feedback. A popup window comes up.

3. Fill out the fields as seen above.  Select a category, from the dropdown menu of choice. Choose 'Other' of there isn't a really good fit. (you must pick a category in order for this to work.)

4. In the email field, put your email address. This is where your ticket responses will be sent.

5. In the Comment field, put in your question or a description of the problem you are facing. Please be as descriptive as you can. Does the error happen every time? What games does it happen with?

       Include your computer specifications. The most important information is your video card.  let us know if you have a previously sent ticket. Include the ticket number (if you know it) so we don't answer you twice.

6. Click to add a checkmark to the "Send log file (for technical problems)" box. This will attach your PlaysTV logs when the message is sent.

7. Click on the 'Send Feedback' button. That will submit your question along with the collected logs for the problem.