To manually add a game to your Game Collection, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Game Library in the Raptr Client. 

  • On the upper right, you will see a wrench icon. Click to open the Manually Add Game list.

  • Look for the name of the game you are trying to add. (You may quickly type in the game name to navigate through the list faster

  • If the game has a launcher, you will be asked to navigate to the location of the launcher .exe for the game.

  • Once you have added the launcher exe, or the game does not have a launcher, it will then ask for the location of the game exe.
  • If everything works, you will get a library rescan and this message will appear:

Please note:

  • If your game is not listed in the manual game detection list either Raptr does not have a detection for the game yet, or it is a Steam game. Steam games are not listed for manual detection. This is by design.
  • There are occasional issues when it comes to manually adding a game, in which an error is displayed after finding an exe, don't panic, just do the following:  
  1. Close the client
  2. Open the client
  3. Open the game in question
  4. Play at least 1 minute
  5. Close the game
  6. Open a new customer support ticket to request the game detection for the game here
Please be very specific, as to the name of the game, the publisher, and if it is a mod or an add-on, or downloadable content.