In order for our Customer Service Reps to further investigate technical issues we'll need to see the log files that your client creates.

When you use this method, it will automatically create a support ticket in our system and attach the files we need to see. Here is the instructions on how to do that:

  1. In the Windows System Tray, find the icon and right-click it
  2. Choose 'Help' and then 'Feedback'
  3. The following box will appear:

  4. Fill out the fields above as accurate as possible. If the 'Category' doesn't match anything like your problem, you can just select 'Other'.

  5. Place your Email into E-mail box as accurately as possible. If it's incorrect, you will not get responses from us when we try to reply.
  6. For the Comment Box, explain the issue as much as you can. Provide as much detail as you can that you think may help. PC Specs, Games Affected, etc. You can also place links to screenshots or videos explaining your problem for better clarity.
  7. Make sure the 'Send log file (for technical problems)' checkbox remains checked; like it is in the picture above.
  8. Click on the 'Send Feedback' button. If we had requested you to send them, it's better to reply to where we originally spoke to you and let us know they were sent.

If we are still not able to receive the logs send users may have to try this method instead.

Create a ticket through and within the ticket attach the logs.

To attach your log files to the ticket, please follow these instructions:

  • Close any game and the client
  • Press the Windows key + R to get the run command box up
  • Type %appdata%\PlaysTV and press enter
  • Locate the playstv.log, dxdiag.txt and the entire LTC folder and add them to a zip file
  • Attach that Zip file to this ticket. Ensure the entire Zip file is under 15MB