The client automatically creates video highlights of your key Counter-Strike: Global Offensive moments using live game data.

Just have the client running and set to record session videos when you start up CS:GO. You will be prompted to confirm your Steam username.

By clicking the ‘Confirm this is me’ button, you’ll establish the connection to your Steam identity. This connection will be shown in the Accounts tab of the references.

NOTE: Did this screen not appear for you?  We know of a bug that blocks it. 
Read about it Here.

Play at least one match of CS:GO. When your session is over, each of your matches will appear in your Game Sessions tab as a video of its own. The match videos are labeled with some useful statistics:


Each video will contain auto-tagged pins with every kill, death, headshot, etc. you get in a match, so you can easily find your best moments. If you hover over the pin, it will show the tag.


Below the pins, you’ll see markers that show the duration of the round. Rounds Won will be green, and Rounds Lost will be red.

The full list of possible auto-tagged pins is:

  • Kills

  • Headshots

  • Killstreaks

  • Multi-kills

  • Team Kills

  • Deaths

  • Flashbang (You are temporarily blinded by a Flashbang grenade)

  • Bomb Planted

  • Bomb Defused

  • Hostage Rescues

There is a filter button so you can choose exactly what events show up on the timeline.

Each moment can be viewed, clipped, and shared onto Or you can join them together into a highlight reel.

To stitch together a highlight reel, follow these steps:

Select the first bookmark pin that you want to be in the highlight reel. Set that clip's duration by dragging the edges of the yellow frame.

CTRL-click on the next pin. Set its duration with the yellow frame as well. (You must set the duration before you move on to the next pin.)

Don't worry about accidentally choosing uninteresting pins. If you have chosen a wrong bookmark, CTRL- Clicking on a pin again will deselect it from the chosen pins.

Keep going with the selecting of pins and setting their duration. When you are done selecting bookmarks, you can preview your highlight reel by choosing the lower play button.

When you share a video, your CS:GO name (Steam name), along with your match data will appear. Just write a short description about the video and you're ready to share.