There are users of the Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved program who might see the message, "Automatic driver updates are not supported for your video card at this time" found on the Drivers panel of the Raptr client's Home tab. Ideally, this area should show your most current driver, provide the last date it was checked for currency, and confirm that it is up to date, as shown below.

If you receive the message that automatic drivers are not supported, then this can happen for one of two reasons:
  1. If you do not use an AMD video card, then this message is normal. Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved offers video card driver updates for AMD cards only. Keep in mind that this error message doesn't mean that your card is obsolete or faulty.  You are still able to play and optimize games and use the card normally, but the Raptr program will not be able to perform driver updates for you automatically. This is the same for Intel cards.
  2. If you use an AMD video card, then your card should be supported in most cases. However, the program may be having difficulty identifying your video card properly, in which case I would advise reinstalling your AMD drivers. If this is the case, Please visit AMD, where you can automatically detect and install your driver: Once you've done this, please launch our program again and see if the message has changed. If you're still having difficulty, open a support ticket at or send us an e-mail at so that we can get and take a look at your DxDiag and logs and hopefully resolve the issue. Thank you!